A family of 2 million members. THANK YOU!

Today it’s a big day for this community. A day to remember!

Everything started in March 2014 with a small Facebook page having Marilyn Monroe in a Juve jersey as a profile pic. After six years and a lot of work, changes, victories, losses, fun and passion… we are now a family of 2.000.000! And to be honest it’s not much about the number but the relationship I was able to build with many of you over this period.

I got something special for all of you.

To celebrate this important milestone I decided to launch the brand new Around Turin CHAT PLATFORM on Flick Chat, an exclusive app where you can meet new fans & friends from all over the world, share opinions and pictures, discuss live games, answer to polls, make predictions and much more. There are different topics (and more can be added later on) so it’s pretty easy to navigate within the app. And the best thing is that… you can chat with your friends in 5 languages! English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Indonesian.

I can tell you…. it’s a very nice app! You can download it for FREE here: Around Turin Chat

The Around Turin Chat is just the latest addition to a wide range of Around Turin channels which literally reach millions of fans around the world every single day: make sure to join us on our main channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

But the surprises are not finished yet because also the Around Turin Website has something new to offer! While we are waiting to formally officialize Around Turin as an official Online Travel Agency to provide even more support to the fans traveling to Italy from all over the world (and for which there will be a specific section in the page), we have decided to revitalize a bit the website and in particular you will now find:

  • A “Black & White” section with the most important news about our team and special content/interviews. Very soon we will start with a daily recap with all the relevant news from the most reliable sources. Our vision is: quality news only!
  • The Around Turin Club  is something special, intended for those who love Turin and Italy, for those who are planning a trip for a game but also for those who are happy to support this community. By paying a very small fee of 1 € per month (!) you will have access to extra and exclusive content such as:
    • Discover Turin & Italy: continuous drop of beautiful pictures, curiosity, tips, ideas for vacation and info about the most beautiful locations in Italy. You can learn more about the culture and history of Turin & Italy.
    • 24/7 online PERSONAL contact with Around Turin. We like to dedicate our time to those who are so kind to support our initiative! You ask… we answer! We love our city and we are extremely passionated about it. We are therefore here to help you in planning your trip to Turin making sure you will have an unforgettable and trouble-free experience! What do to? Where to go? Live Turin like a local!
    • Special discounts, perks, or other promotions available at all the Around Turin partners (restaurants, sport bars, coffee bars, hotels, clubs, local or online shops… and much more – in in everywhere in the world). Coming soon!
    • Possibility to participate to exclusive initiatives such as interviews, special events, social media shoutouts and more.

    The extra content is available on a dedicated section of the Around Turin website called “Italy & Turin” but also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram. Once you become a member, you will receive instructions on how to join one or all the exclusive platforms. Join the Club NOW!

Around Turin also organized a fundraising campaign together with other Juventus fans. With our tweets and posts on social media we can literally reach millions of people every day and if only a small % of us would donate a little money for a good cause… we could really make a big difference.
In the last months we run several campaigns on Go Fund Me under the initiative called Together For Ju and we raised more than 5.000€.

At the moment, we are trying our best to support the local & small businesses in Turin during the COVID19 crisis. The campaign is valid till the 30th of June 2020 and we have so far collected around 2.000€.

“The situation for local businesses in Turin is dramatic. Those bars, restaurants, hotels and other activities that normally many international fans enjoy when they come to Turin for a game, are now fighting to survive.
Most of them have just restarted now after months with zero income. These are the places that brightened up our events in Turin, we had fun all together and we built memories for life. We now feel the need to support them in the best possible way, with the hope that they will still be there once this emergency is finished… and we will be able to cheers to a friendship that goes beyond the love for our Club.”

You still have some time to donate and next week we will even auction an original ball signed by many Juventus players … stay tuned! Alternatively, you can also donate by purchasing Around Turin Merchandising! All the proceeds will go to support the above mentioned campaign!

Well… it’s finally match day isn’t it? I can’t wait to meet all of you in front of the Stadium again… hopefully the COVID restrictions will soon be released and we will be able to have fun together and build fantastic memories like these one: TESTIMONIALS

A special thank you goes to our main sponsors who have supported us along the journey and always believed in Around Turin: thank you SKRILL and thank you Torino Outlet Village! You are the best!

We stay in touch, as always… and THANK YOU AGAIN for all your support.


Around Turin #YourFamilyInTurin