About Ronaldo and the drama around the last two games in black & white

This drama around Ronaldo and Juventus has been blown out of proportion. Maybe there will be time to be upset. Not now. 

We got the best player in the world who already scored 33 goals and 11 assists in 54 games for Juventus, MVP of the last Serie A season, Ballon d’Or contender and a promising year ahead given all the chances he gets every game but looks like the world is falling apart because in the last two games he played below the standard and was correctly subbed while Juventus was anyway able to win. Is he upset? Great! Wouldn’t expect anything less from the best player in the world!

And guess what? There is room to do even better considering we just got a new coach and a new playing system to which the players need to adapt (we saw glimpses of beautiful football between September and October) and Juventus is nevertheless currently dominating in Europe and Italy (first in CL group, first in Serie A and only unbeaten team in the 5 top leagues).

Ronaldo choose Juventus because he wanted a new challenge and prove himself in a different league which, according to his words, is much more difficult than any other league he played for. This means it’s not all roses and flowers (and the away game in Bergamo is just behind the corner… another tactical and physical fight) but he is winning his challenge, numbers don’t lie.

Maybe there will be time to be upset. Not now. 

Forza Juventus, forza Cristiano Ronaldo ⚫⚪