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My name is Maurizio, and I’m happy to meet you.

I was born and raised in Turin, and everything started with my infinite love and passion for two things – my football club, and this beautiful city itself.

In 2014, I started the Around Turin Facebook page, followed by the Instagram and Twitter accounts soon after. A wonderful community grew from there, and in just a few years, the Around Turin family reached 2 million members. Every year, more than 5,000 people from all over the world get in touch with me when planning their trips to Turin, either to watch a Juventus game or simply to visit the city.

Today, Around Turin is a certified travel agency – built on the foundation of a desire to spread the Turin love all over the world.

We want you to live Turin like a local!

We offer the best Turin experiences, a free booking service to the best restaurants and bars, discounted hotels & apartments, a free Turin Digital Book with an outstanding photographic collection… and tips and ideas on what to do and what to see in Turin and “around Turin”.

Moreover, we offer specialized consultancy in travel packages to attend the best sporting events in Turin and the surrounding areas such as Football, Formula 1, Tennis and more. Many of our events have been featured on ESPN, Copa90, Bleacher Report, La Stampa, Tuttosport, Torino Magazine, and many other magazines in Italy and worldwide. 

✅✅ If you need info on the Around Turin Match Day Experience, the transportation to/from the Stadium on match day or any other sport event… please write a WhatsApp message here WhatsApp and I will rapidly come back to you with a detailed guide. 

✅✅ Get a quotation FOR FREE from the Around Turin team! If you want to enquire about all the other Around Turin services  I kindly ask you to fill in the following form (either in English or Italian) so we can keep track of all the requests and provide you a professional service. It only takes a minute for you… you just need to select the services you want and you will shortly get a FREE PROPOSAL from the Around Turin team! Whether you are traveling individually or organizing a trip for a large group of people, Around Turin will formulate the best proposal for you!

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You get access to extra content, discounts, benefits and much more.

You can chose between three different memberships:

– B&W LOVER, 2€/month 

– TURIN LOVER, 5€/month


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Maurizio Giovannelli, founder and CEO of Around Turin



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