Around Turin Social Network Awards 2019

Around Turin Social Network Awards 2019

2nd edition


“The Social Network Awards have been introduced to recognize those who contribute the most to our Juventus fans community by sharing their passion for our beloved club and putting in time and effort every day to spread the bianconeri love around the world. This is also the spirit of Around Turin.” 

Maurizio, Around Turin


This contest will be promoted over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Winners of each category will be announced on the 25th of December.

Please note that this is a totally independent initiative, there is no money involved, there are no sponsors involved and no physical prizes of any economical value involved. You won’t be required to follow any account to be able to participate. The ultimate scope of the Social Network Awards is to, once again, recognize those who contribute the most to our black & white community giving visibility to them regardless the number of followers they might have. 

All done with a fully transparent process which might not be the best one… but is the one I can offer given the budget, time and resources available to me. Hope you appreciate the effort. 

There are 7 categories:

  • Best Overall Social Account
  • Best Photo/Video Content Creator
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Fan Club 
  • Most Entertaining Social Account 
  • Best News 
  • Best Calciomercato


Phase 1:

From 1st of December to 14th of December

Every day Around Turin will post a specific category on the 3 main social platforms (this means that each category will be posted twice during the phase 1).

Fans will nominate their candidates by tagging them in the comment section, following the eventual rules mentioned in the post. 


Phase 2:

16th of December

A short list with the names of the 3 accounts who got more nominations in each category will be announced. 


Phase 3:

From 17th of December to 23rd of December

A panel of 15 independent judges (who are not part of the short lists) will decide the winners in each category. To assure full transparency to the process, names of the judges, vote criterias and their votes will be communicated at the end of the contest) 


Winners announced on the 25th of December.