Daily Top News – 26/09

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‪”Because, as it has been shown (this time as on so many other occasions), the truth is often altered, cut, reconstructed. And it is returned in a story that perhaps serves the reader more, but which is not the truth.”‬
‪ (Luigi Chiappero, Juventus lawyer on the Suarez passport saga) ⚫️⚪️ #juventus


‪10 days to the end of calciomercato. Khedira should terminate his contract next week, Rugani and De Sciglio will probably stay. The only big variable remains Douglas who might have some offers but needs to be convinced. Kean remains an option for the very last days. @tuttosport ‬⚫️⚪️ #juventus


‪The lineup vs Roma could be the same one vs Sampdoria, with Ramsey supporting Cristiano and Kulu. Dybala (if called up) Morata and Costa might all enter in the second half if needed. These three could easily be the starting attack in many teams in Europe. @tuttosport ‬⚫️⚪️ #juventus #romajuve


Kulusevski in goal in the first game with Juve like 10 other champions: John Charles, Sivori, Anastasi, Baggio, Vieri, Inzaghi, Ibrahimovic, Higuain, Tevez, Vidal ⚫️⚪️ 📷 @tidakadawarna #juventus


Official: Luca Pellegrini joins Genoa on a season-long deal ⚫️⚪️ #juventus


Pirlo’s press conference:

We were waiting for the center forward, and he arrived this week. We had little time to work with him, but for some time now I have been thinking about how to put the players in the best conditions to play.

We had a good week of work, better than the past week. The guys responded well, we only thought about the technical part.
I will decide today if Dybala will travel with us or stay at the club to work.

Turnover? It would be a bit strange to do that after just 1 game

Morata? We have known him for a long time, he is important for his characteristics. It was not a third choice: he was the player we were looking for on a technical-tactical level.

It seemed the right thing to do to send Pellegrini on loan, also in view of the European Championship. De Sciglio is available.
Marcato? For now I don’t expect anything. If there are opportunities, we will evaluate them.

Khedira? We are evaluating with him what might be the best solution. We hope to find a solution that is right for both sides.

It was a good week for Arthur. He comes from a long time of inactivity, in a new league and has to adapt. We’ll see if tomorrow or in the next days he will be on the field.

Dzeko is a danger, a great player, he could have become a Juve striker but the negotiations did not go through.

I don’t see Bernardeschi as an attacking midfielder. I talked to him at the start of the season and he agreed with that. He can play up front or on the wing.

[Pirlo] ⚫️⚪️ #juventus via @bianconerizone


‪Juan Cuadrado yesterday successfully passed the italian language exam to to obtain the Italian citizenship. The Colombian took the test in a remote session organized by the University of Siena in a location in Turin. No drama around this exam. 😅‬ ⚫️⚪️ #juventus @cuadrado


‪Morata: “When you’ve been to a place that feels like home you can’t wait to go back!” ⚫️⚪️ via @la_maglia_bianconera (follow them… top guys!)‬ #juventus #morata


‪Dybala called up for Roma-Juve!‬

‪⛔️ Alex Sandro‬
‪⛔️ De Ligt ‬
‪⛔️ Khedira‬
‪⛔️ Bernardeschi‬
‪🟢 Dybala‬
‪🟢 Morata‬

‪via @romeoagresti #juventus #romajuve #seriea


The squad!

⚫️⚪️ #juventus #romajuve