Modern days…

Millions of fans around the world are clearly upset about the possible swap Dybala/Lukaku. The #dybalanonsitocca (don’t touch Dybala) is quickly becaming a trend on social media.

While many understand there might be technical and/or financial requirements to be met, many are literally heartbroken and losing faith in Juventus mainly for the way the Club have been dealing with the fan favorites in the last years.

The jersey #10 has always been iconic but the continuous changes in the past made it more a marketing tool than an icon/sense of belonging.

Fans are disoriented, sometimes disillusioned, and are struggling to fit into the new dimension the Club itself is shaping for the future: financial results, marketing campaigns, brand awareness… a complete corporate overhaul. #LiveAhead indeed.

Where however, I’m afraid, there won’t be much space for passion, loyalty and romanticism which have been the most important ingredients of a recipe called “football”.

Things have clearly changed (for the best many people say… for the worse some other reply). The passion is slowly dying and fans feel being treated as simple customers of a football stadium or as targets of a marketing campaign.

This is the price to be paid if we want to compete at the top level and keep winning.

This is the new face of the modern football.

Do you want to be part of all this?

Well, that’s your call!