Noli – Liguria

In the 15-10 BC, the promontory of Capo Noli was colonized by the Romans who built a shipyard there. Today Noli is a seaside resort that is part of a mountain community: elsewhere it would sound strange, in Liguria it surprises no one. 

Its medieval village is considered one of the most beautiful Ligurian villages in Italy and traditionally an important maritime center. This locality is in fact a renowned center for its suggestive ancient fishing village, with narrow alleys, the typical carüggi.  Noli is one of the few coastal villages to still have local fishermen who every night go out to sea with their small motor boats and return in the morning with the few fish that the gulf offers.

This charming medieval village is a perfect place to experience sea and mountains, the combination that makes Liguria unique. You can spend a holiday of total relaxation, including lazy afternoons on the beach, refreshing walks in the woods and relaxing urban walks in search of the architectural treasures of the historic center. The beaches of Noli satisfy both lovers of wide beaches that are easy to reach and lovers of hidden coves with a wild charm. The city beach is a long strip of clear sand and pebbles washed by a blue and clean sea on which equipped sections follow one another, with bathing establishments and many services, and free sections. Among the latter, the most beautiful is undoubtedly the characteristic Spiaggia dei Pescatori, where the white of the pebbles is the backdrop to the bright colors of the boats aground. 

If you prefer coves and inlets, move from the historic center to the area of ​​the promontory of Capo Noli: here, among the green of the vegetation and the colorful colors of the rocks, many small pebble and pebble beaches are hidden by a sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue and blue. A real charm, but to be conquered with a little effort: the beaches of Capo Noli can only be reached on foot or by boat. Reaching them by land is not easy because the dirt paths that lead from the cliff to the coves are not always marked. There are no dining options or services, so bring an abundant supply of water and food with you. The cliffs of Capo Noli are perfect not only for lazy afternoons on the beach away from the noise of the bathing establishments but also for exciting cliff climbing overlooking the sea. 

Among the best-known routes, the Pilgrim’s Path occupies a particular place, which connects the villages of Noli and Varigotti, passing through the Grotta dei Briganti (or cave of the Falsari).It is a path that winds for about 4.5 km and whose name is probably due to the fact that there are three ancient churches, now deconsecrated, once a pilgrimage destination.