Restaurants & Bars

The truly best bars and restaurants in Turin recommended by Around Turin and you know what? Since they are the best they are always busy. An advanced reservation is a must and the good news is that we can easily do it for you! Just follow the indications and you will be booked in few minutes thanks to Around Turin!

Bar, cocktails, tapas, brunch

Via Reggio 8, Turin

Restaurant, bar, cocktails

Murazzi del Po Gipo Farassino 15, Turin

Italian Pub, craft beers, restaurant, bar

Piazzale Valdo Fusi, Turin

Restaurant, tapas bar, wine bar

Via S. Massimo 13, Turin

Italian Pub, craft beers, restaurant, bar, smart working

Piazza Teresa Noce 17/C, Turin

restaurant, brunch, bar, smart working

Corso Regina Margherita, 128