The current situation in Curva Sud

This is the translation of a post done by Secondo Anello on Facebook, the brand new and unique communication organ of the second level in Curva Sud.

It’s one face of the coin, it’s up to you all to consider it relevant or not. My only objective is to keep you updated about what is happening at the Stadium.


“Following the countless comments and messages received, we want to clarify the situation in the Curva Sud during the games played at the Allianz Stadium.

– DRUMS AND MEGAPHONES: despite the multiple requests sent to the appropriate email address indicated on the Juventus website, at the moment we have never received any kind of authorization response from the Club, although these tools, in addition to being permitted by law, have already been entered for two years in the same stadium without causing problems.

– BALCONY: after the ban on displaying our historic banners, we decided to fill the balcony of the second level with some Italian flags.  The first time they were hung we immediately received a visit from the stewards, who ordered us to remove them by threatening administrative sanctions and multi-years bans (in the picture, taken during Juventus – Udinese, the “very dangerous” flag we were forced to remove).

– FLAGS: same as the first point. In addition we mention the case of Juve-Bayer Leverkusen of the 1st October.  After introducing about twenty black and white flags (size 150 x 90 cm and therefore within the rules) into the Stadium and starting to wave them to the sky, we found ourselves in front of the usual steward who, with the same previous modalities, invited us to lower them.

– SONGS: those who start the choirs in Curva are no longer allowed to sit on the balcony, thus limiting the coordination of fans and of the songs.

Explained the paradoxical situation in which we find ourselves involved, it becomes fundamental to point out how in the GUEST SECTOR OF THE SAME STADIUM the away fans are shamefully granted all that is denied to us, going beyond the limit of the ridiculous and making the Stadium very much favorable to the away team when it comes to the atmosphere created.”