Two dinners in Turin, a new start.‬

What you will read is a typical Juve thing.

Two dinners in Turin, a new start.‬

‪Sunday evening the dinner between Paratici, Chiellini and Buffon.‬
‪Monday evening the one between Agnelli and Sarri (already planned time ago). ‬

One common goal: get out compact from this moment of crisis and minimize friction.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport (Luca Bianchin and Fabiana Della Valle), more than a tactical question, it is a problem of behavior and approach: at Juventus, players are not used to Sarri’s quick manner and colorful language and not everyone likes them.
In Verona, in the changing rooms the climate wasn’t peaceful and Sarri seems to have vehemently reprimanded some of the players, creating some tension.

Even Ronaldo’s mood was very bad, angry at the defeat and for not having been supported by his companions.
During the dinner with Chiellini and Buffon, Paratici got the support of the senators for the common good. For example, complaints about being replaced should no longer be seen.

The always excellent Guido Vaciago from Tuttosport talks more about the dinner between Agnelli and Sarri.
Maurizio Sarri, in the last few weeks, has experienced the thrill of the “meat grinder”, which tends to start after each non-victory, until it swirls furiously in the event of two defeats in a short period of time. Not later than few weeks ago, Sarri had lunch with Allegri (at the award ceremony for the Golden Bench) and he had joked with his predecessor about the storm that broke out around Juventus at the first uncertainty («A draw and everyone goes crazy»), finding in Allegri total and amused understanding.

In short, Sarri and Agnelli at dinner did not seem to be two facing the imminent end of the world and not even the extinction of hopes of winning something this year . The rule at Juventus is pretty clear: nobody is sacked during the season (unless there is a need to avoid an epochal disaster): the Coach is judged at the end, based on the results achieved.
Agnelli has obviously renewed confidence in Sarri considering that Juve is first in Serie A and in full swing on all fronts. Of course, the other confirmation that Sarri has had is that a rather sudden turnaround is appropriate, given the Scudetto circumstances: Inter gassed and launched, Lazio very dangerous.

Everyone must row on the same side, the players must give more and Sarri must find the right alchemy and bring the motivations back to the maximum.

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