Welcome to the Around Turin FanZone!

Welcome to the brand new Around Turin FanZone

There are millions of fans living everywhere in the world and there are millions of fans always travelling around the world so I decided to create something that might be useful to all of them. And to you.

The Around Turin FanZone is here to recommend any commercial entity managed or recommended by other fans and offering special discounts, perks, or other promotions.

Places such as restaurants, sport bars, coffee bars, hotels & AirBnBs, clubs, local or online shops, tourist attractions/activities… everywhere in the world. You will find this and much more in the Around Turin FanZone!

Have you ever been in a new city and wondered where to stay, what to eat, and whom you could meet? Have you ever had to miss a Juve game while overseas, because you didn’t know where to catch it?

Great news: those days are over!  An example? Have a look here: https://www.aroundturin.com/2019/10/21/new-york-food-drinks-san-carlo-osteria/


Other possible examples?

  • Andrew is an Around Turin follower and manages a restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. Through the Around Turin FanZone, those living in Bali or visiting the island can enjoy a 10% discount at the restaurant, while meeting new fans.
  • Mark is an Around Turin follower living in Chicago and recommends a sport bar where he always goes to watch Juventus games with friends. Through the Around Turin FanZone, many other fans in Chicago, or even fans visiting as tourists, can go to the same sport bar to catch games.
  • Anthony is an Around Turin follower from Australia and is planning a trip to Turin to watch a Juventus game; followed by few days in Florence. Through the Around Turin FanZone, he can see the hotels and restaurants in Turin and Florence offering special deals to fans.

At the moment there are already 16 commercial entities part of the FanZone, but we are planning to include many more in the next weeks… from all over the World! CLICK ON EACH FLAG to check out the offers you can enjoy in that country: https://www.aroundturin.com/fanzone/


What’s in it for business owners and managers?

For a starting annual fee of just 34,95€ (first 6 months is free so 18 months in total!), you will have exposure to Around Turin’s 1,75 million existing social media followers – and constantly growing. Around Turin’s strong reputation in the fan community guarantees great visibility and significant potential for higher footfall as well as loyal customers.

To book your advertising space in the Around Turin FanZone, simply subscribe with the annual fee and provide the following information:

  • Name of the bar/restaurant/pub/shop/club/hotel, etc.
  • Category of the activity (example: restaurant, AirBnB, coffee bar, etc.)
  • Full address & country
  • Contact information (link to website, social media accounts, email, telephone number, etc.) 
  • Description of the services offered
  • Discount offered to Juventus fans (or any other promotion)
  • Pictures of the bar/restaurant/pub/shop/club/hotel/AirBnB, etc.
  • Name of the fan who owns or recommends this spot

What’s in it for fans? 

In addition to knowing you can feel at home with your black-and-white family across the world, you can also recommend your favourite places to the Around Turin FanZone – and be rewarded. Once the business you recommend is registered with Around Turin, you will receive 25% of the contract amount!



What are you waiting for? Join the Around Turin FanZone!

Get your advertising space in the Around Turin FanZone here: https://www.aroundturin.com/prodotto/around-turin-fanzone/

More info? Contact us today at info@aroundturin.com or a WhatsApp message to +393294240623












CLICK ON EACH FLAG to check out the offers you can enjoy in that country.